Upbeat Buddha, More Than A Brand!

My name is Ryan Keys, and I am the originator of the Upbeat Buddha! I am a host, an author, an artist, and a healthcare provider. Many of you know me from my show Spirituality with Spin or Youtube! I always say everything that happened in your life brought you here, and here is where you are supposed to be! I have to confess I love being here and present with so many wonderful people.

I have such a wonderful extended spiritual family that stretches across the globe! I turned my mess into a message, and now we are expanding into clothes! I would encourage you to read my bio on www.ryankeys.com  to get more in-depth knowledge. This adventure into clothing is one that I have been interested in since I printed my first shirt on Zazzle 5 years ago, those were the days! 

Every design you see here in our line has a deeper meaning. Take for instance the lotus power symbol, I saw this during a near death at age 21. Back then I had no idea what this symbol was or why I saw it. Now fast forward as a Reiki master I realize it is my own personal Reiki symbol to help connect the sacred sacral chakra and awaken the energy from the base of the spine. This is just one of the many beautiful synchronizations that led me here to writing this for you! 

One last note for now! The charity we sponsor is very meaningful to me and my co-creator on this clothing line. The SmileTrain.org is giving smiles across the miles. These children are cleft palate cases and in need of expert care. Many have very little access or funds. Every item you purchase will contribute 10% at the end of every quarter. As for me, I have also been a dental provider for the past 10 years focused on special needs, homebound, elderly, and people that are in assisted living. So a smile to me is what really sets you apart from the pack! 

Thank you! 

Ryan Keys the Upbeat Buddha